Fly Fishing Galicia
How to go  Fishing in Galicia
Fishing in Spain can be pretty complicated as each province has it's own license and its own rules and regulations.

In Galicia the fishing season runs from approx. 19th March and ends on the 15th August on the day ticket areas with no kill sections running to the end of September. The rivers here are mainly tree lined so you need waders and a rod upto 8ft 6 no longer, from June to August there is a lot of water weed which forms an ideal habitat for the fish but can be challenging for the angler. The catch is mainly wild brown trout ranging from tiny through to 20lb plus, the normal catch size is a pound or two, there are also Dace in the rivers going up to 1lb in size. There are rivers which support Salmon and Sea Trout but mainly in the lower reaches due to dams etc. Many of these are now being demolished so that the rivers can return to normal, but as of yet we are not seeing many Salmon and Sea Trout in the higher reaches. You can fish between dawn and dusk but it is forbidden to
fish overnight. 

To fish in Galicia fisrstly you need a license this is available from the Xunta de Galicia in the major towns i.e. Lugo, La Coruna, Pontevedra etc. Licenses are not expensive you can get a yearly license or a two weekly license. You need to take your passport with you and fill in a form at the medio ambiente section of the Xunta, they will then send you to the bank to pay and when you return they will give you the license. You must have a license, conservation initiatives are being closely scrutinised, which means that licenses and catches are often checked when you are out fishing no matter how in the wilds you are, you must carry your license and passport with you at all times as fines are severe.

The rivers are divided into sections, the section you are on will be signposted with arrows showing direction next to a bridge where the road crosses the river. If there is no signpost that will probably be a free section.
Tramo libre sen morte - is a free no kill section
Couto de pesca - Is a day ticket area where the tickets will be available from a local bar, however the sections can be up to 10km long so therefore the bar may not be too near to you.
Vedado de pesca or just Vedado - Forbidden to fish in this area, these are normally in towns where you can see the fish and desperately want to cast your line but can't.
Pesca Intensivo - Stocked fishing area slightly more expensive for the day ticket, these areas are few and far between, the nearest one to us is about 45 miles away.
Fishing is forbidden on Mondays and in couto sections on Thursdays.
All water in Spain is public and so there is a right of way to walk up to 3 meters from the edge of the river anywhere.
If you come fishing you will need, chest waders, rod up to 8ft 6, floating line, 3lb tippet, a wading stick would be handy early on in the season. For tying or buying flies they need to be small on a 16 or 18 hook, in natural colours. Patterns which work well are Elks Hair Caddis, parachutes, emergers and klinkhammers, you could also try gold head nymphs and hares ears.

We provide a fishing package which includes a two week license, an orientation guide and infomation pack on where to fish in our area so you don't need to worry about the rules and regulations. We can normally provide guided fishing but this is not available for 2013, it will be back for 2014. If you have any questions about fishing in Galicia please do not hesitate to contact us
Two week fishing licenses available for £15

Fishing info pack for this area £10

Fishing Orientation tour £45
A book is available from the Xunta (county council) every year, which tells you where to get day tickets and all the fishing sections throughout Galicia with minimum sizes you can take out of the rivers (normally between 19 and 24 cm). It also confirms the exact dates of the season and any changes in the sections from the previous year, there is a motion afoot this year to change nearly all of the day ticket areas into no kill areas but we won't know until the book comes out in March.  The book is only available in Gallego, we can provide a copy, if you want one please see the fishing rates page.  We also provide an information pack covering the area around us which includes important rules and regulations, fishing spots on the rivers, how to get to them and how to fish them. There is an internet book available about fishing in Galicia, written in English, please see the link at the top of this page.